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We thank all of those who have given permission to have their feedback and testimonials added to this page. We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support, and the fact that they took the time to send us their feedback!

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I have been reciting the Haftorah for Rosh Hashana for over 35 Years at my Synagogue.
It means so much to me and believe it or not, HaftarahAudio really impressed me as I practiced for this year's Haftorah.

Thank you so very much
I.L., Monroe, NJ

Thank you Rabbi Zimmerman! I promised to chant the Haftarah for the second day of Sukkot. I have not chanted a haftarah since my bat mitzvah - 30 years ago (and we weren't allowed on the Bimah, had it on Friday night and chanted the Book of Ruth). I re-learned the trope in 1 hour and am now practicing my haftarah. This is great. Many thanks.

C Spetalnick, Manhattan Beach, CA

Todah raba a million times. This is wonderful; such a gift for I am sure many of us. Once it came to my hands I couldn't stop listening. Going to shul once a week is a slow process for learning all the prayers and melodies. This tool makes the path of learning one of light, joy and happiness. Shalom,

H Greenwald, Greenfield, MA

Consider this a fan letter. My sons are learning the prayers and we just found the website with your tutorial. Not only are the lessons/instructions excellent but your voice is clear and comforting. Brings back memories.

Thank you.

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