Haftorah Artwork – Gift

Illuminated Haftorah Artwork makes an excellent Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift!

HaftorahAudio.com has partnered with Emes Editions* to bring you these beautiful illuminated haftorah parshiyot!

These gorgeous framed works of art make the perfect gift, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah keepsake.

Priced at $325. Please click here to get more information.

To inquire about these unique Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, please contact us here.

Emes Editions* features the art of Mordechai Rosenstein based on the beautiful forms of the Hebrew alphabet. By uniting his interest in Judaica and painting, Rosenstein has given a contemporary meaning to the art of Hebrew calligraphy. His vibrant shapes and colors enhance synagogue interiors, tapestries, paintings, murals, and silk screen prints.
These beautiful illuminated Haftarot make a lovely gift that will always be a treasured reminder of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.

*Emes Editions is not affilliated with SiddurAudio.com insert text

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